About Us

Did you know that 9 out of 10 pet parents consider their pets to be family members?

Our “pack” is a group of normal working folks with families that have a dream to save dogs, find them forever homes + make this our full-time career. We have team members in New England and North Carolina.

We all feel the heartache when dogs are euthanized because they either cannot find a home or the Rescue or Foster Center does not have the money to support all the homeless pets. That motivates us to help find forever homes.

There are so many Rescues that desperately need help to find dogs a new home. Because of current digital technology and social communication tools, it has made it possible for us to easily network shelters all around the U.S. and find passionate dog lovers/savers just like us!

With your help, we can support the wonderful organizations devoted to saving the lives of abused and abandoned dogs.

For each swag purchase that you or a friend make from our shop, we will make a charitable donation to a local Rescue or Foster Center with pets in need of affectionate care and a loving home. You can feel good knowing that you helped one more dog to wag his/her tail.

Our goal in 2019 is to build awareness about our products and continue making donations to Rescues.  Our long term goal is to raise enough money to open a FREE SPAY & NEUTER CLINIC. If everyone who has a pet just bought some swag for their dog, it could mean opening multiple clinics throughout the U.S.

Let’s get 1,000,000 tails to wag!

Remember – the dogs you befriend through your purchases cannot express their gratitude. Speaking on their behalf, we say thank you for your support!

You have the power to make a difference.